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Southern Luzon State University

Benchmarking Activity of Sanitation Facility at Al Dawah Producers Cooperative’s Oil Distillery in Lopez, Quezon

On January 19, 2024, the Office of Production Services - Sanitation Facility, led by Prof. Vanessa Cadeliña, conducted a benchmarking activity at Al Dawah Producers Cooperative's Oil Distillery in Lopez, Quezon. This activity is aimed at the development of future sanitation products by integrating it with essential oil distillation.

We are grateful for the assistance of Mr. Benjamin Villaos and Ms. Chelita Alcantara for showing us the facility and the process of making essential oils.

Our thanks go to For. Eraldwin Dimailig, Director of the Office of Production Services, and Dr. Marissa Esperal, Vice President of REPDI (Research, Extension, Production Development, and Innovation), for allowing us to conduct this activity.

Join us in merging the art of essential oil distillation with a vision for advanced, eco-friendly sanitation products.

Together, we’re shaping a healtier and greener future.

Photos and Caption: Aeriel Gilbert Dimaranan

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