Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University


The basic component of the design is the picturesque panorama of Mount Banahaw, serving as the background at the foot of which the Southern Luzon State University is located. The open book symbolizes knowledge and the eternal flaming torch represents the everlasting God-given life which man must seek and for which he was created.

The octagonal shape of the seal, with its regular dents and contours, together with the concentric circles portray the multi-faceted aspects of man’s life. The smooth, endless, and rounded sides of the circles represent the well-rounded personality of an educated individual.

The Sampaguita flowers stand for nationalism which every Filipino should imbibe fro national identity. Appropriately, the eighteen sampaguita leaves represent the 18-year intervening period between the establishment of the Lucban Municipal Junior High School in 1964, now known as Southern Luzon State University.

The pen and scroll signify Arts and Letters; a growing plant connotes growth and vegetation in Agricultural and Forestry Technology; and the atom signifies science and its relation to human resources development.

The five different colors of the University seal epitomize the guiding ideas and philosophy of the Southern Luzon State University, thus: Red; Yellow, which typifies light, brilliance, joy and cheerfulness; Green, which means hope, life and freshness; and Blue, which embodies truth, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, and tranquility.

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