Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University

SLSU March

Lyrics and Music by

Ramuelito “Bong” M. Babat


Building a better nation,

Making our country grand,

Showing the way for one’s dream,

Serves as your guiding light…

That is my Alma Mater,

Shaping your future bright,

Giving you inspiration,

Making your dreams come true…


Hail SLSU! Beloved SLSU!

We live in your spirit, our bodies

And mind,

We sing our praise together,

To you my Alma Mater,
Cheer up, we say –

Hep, hep, hooray … SLSU


Fountain of truth and wisdom,

Sources of hope and strength,

Living to expectations,

Striving for excellence…

That is my Alma Mater,

Pointing the road so clear,

Makes you a better person,

Bring out the best in you

Chorus 2x

Cheer up, we say hep, hep, hooray!


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