Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University

Vision, Mission, Goals


Southern Luzon State University as an academic hub of excellent curricular programs, transdisciplinary researches, and responsive extension services that contributes to knowledge production, social development, and economic advancement of Quezon province and the CALABARZON Region.


The university is committed to develop a sustained culture of delivering quality services and undertaking continuous interdisciplinary innovations in instruction, research and extension in the fields of agriculture, science, engineering, technology, allied health and medicine, human security, business, and the arts anchored to the development needs of Quezon province and the CALABARZON Region and national and global development goals.


  1. Center for teaching excellence.
  2. Premier research university that generates Science and Technology-based innovations.
  3. Training institution that promotes gender-responsive, climate-resilient and community-driven development for all.
  4. Wider platform for students and personnel development.
  5. Facilities that support student learning enhancement and personnel development.
  6. Strengthened local and international academe-industry and alumni linkages.
  7. Intensifying resource generation and risk management.
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