Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University

University Health Services


Expected Output

  • Provide medical consultation using phone or video chat
  • To assess patient condition
  • To give diagnosis, medical advice and prescription if necessary
  • Provide clinical support from a remote area
  • Decrease risk of exposure to Covid-19

Clinic Schedule


► Monday to Friday (8:00am – 12:00nn and 1:00pm – 5:00pm)

  • Online Consultation/Check-up for Students and SLSU Personnel
  • For those with health issues including but not limited to acute febrile states, respiratory symptoms and others.

You may reach out through these messenger links:

► (hi uhs)
► E-mail: slsu.healthservices
► Schedule of Online Consultation Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
► Contact us at UHS Tel No. (042) 540-8637

Strategies and Activities

► Clinic records will be digitalized for easy viewing of the doctors from the remote area.
► Consultation will happen thru video conferencing via google meet app or messenger and other platforms.
► Prescription will be sent through e-mail, private fb messenger or viber.
► For students who will avail or who will be required physical reporting to the SLSU campus, dedicated wifi/ internet hotspots shall be provided. Face-to-face interactions in classrooms are strictly prohibited.

Telemedicine: E-consultation for SLSU Students for New Normal

► Introduction and Rationale:
SARS-CoV or COVID 19 is an infectious disease caused by coronavirus which is transmitted from person to person via air droplets. Since the discovery of the disease in January 2020 until the present time, covid-19 has been known for its easy transmitability and deadly virulence. Since then the number of cases still has been increasing. The Philippine Government has imposed strict measures to contain the transmission of the virus.
Telemedicine has been proven to be a very valuable tool for providing health care services during the quarantine period to individuals residing near and in remote areas within the country. It allows long distance patient and clinician contact using technology such as phones, video chats and other social media platforms.

Contact Information

UHS Facebook

UHS messenger / Zoom / Viber

Coordinate with us through SSCF via viber chat

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