Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University


SLSU College of Arts and Sciences as a leading institution in the pure, applied, and social sciences, promoting culture and the arts, and fostering quality education, research, and extension towards national and regional development.


The College prepares students to be research and service-oriented professionals in the arts and sciences, nurturing a culture of equity in the region.

  1. Provide holistic development of students by making them understand and appreciate ways of knowing the self, environment, society, and the world.
  2. Give students opportunities to become mature and responsible persons with the values embodied in the University’s mission statement evident in their innovative and active response to the socio-cultural, psychological, and political challenges of the times.
  3. Enhance students’ appreciation of the arts and sciences to develop in them the passion for research and discovery of new knowledge in the service of the Filipino people, its ASEAN counterpart, and the international community.
  4. Produce young professionals who are skilled and competent for jobs that involve training, testing, and research, and become professional practitioners in psychology and related disciplines.
  5. Produce effective mass media and communication professionals, and practitioners in allied fields who are capable of providing quality services to the community, the nation, and the rapidly changing world.
  6. Provide a wide variety of introductory and advanced courses that will introduce students to the ways in which historians recreate the past, and to build skills in historical analysis, writing and research.
  7. Provide students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to think critically and logically, convey mathematical concepts and solutions to real-world problem through research, exhibit positive attitude and values toward the discipline, and environment, and have an appropriate set of professional skills to ensure a productive career.
  8. Train students to become equipped and competent in the field of biology and related disciplines
  9. Provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in investigating language-related issues and problems in society.

College Officials

Shiela M. Manzanilla, PhD

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Editha De Jesus, PhDProgram Chairperson, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department
Julieta LindoProgram Chairperson, BS Biology
Jed Frank MarquesesProgram Chairperson, BS Mathematics
Aprilette C. Devanadera, PhDProgram Chairperson, Languages, Communication, and Humanities
Khristalyn V. FraginalProgram Chairperson, BA Communication
Maritess P. De VeluzProgram Chairperson, Social Sciences Department
Fides Joyce O. LlegadoProgram Chairperson, BA Psychology
Judeimar A. UngrianoProgram Chairperson, BA History

Curricular Programs

• Bachelor of Arts in Communication

• Bachelor of Arts in History

• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

• Bachelor of Science in Biology

• Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Student Activities

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