Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University


Southern Luzon State University as an academic hub of excellent curricular programs, transdisciplinary researches, and responsive extension services that contributes to knowledge production, social development, and economic advancement of Quezon Province and the CALABARZON Region.


The University is committed to develop a sustained culture of delivering quality services and undertaking continuous interdisciplinary innovations in instructions, research and extension in the fields of agriculture, science, engineering, technology, allied health and medicine, human security, business and the arts anchored to the development needs of Quezon province and the CALABARZON region and national and global development goals.


In line with the University’s vision and mission, the College of Engineering aims to:

1. Develop committed competitive, competent and ethical professionals in the field of Engineering.

2. Prepare students for their career as engineers by providing relevant and responsive circular program as dedicated and proficient faculty and advanced facilities.

3. Educate students good moral values, entrepreneurial capability and sense of responsibility in sustaining a healthy environment.

College Officials

Renato R. Maaliw III, DIT

Dean, College of Engineering

Engr. Winda EllagaProgram Chairperson, BS Civil Engineering
Engr. Jerwin V. ObmergaProgram Chairperson, BS Computer Engineering
Engr. Aubee MahusayProgram Chairperson, BS Electrical Engineering
Engr. Ten SacoplaOIC-Program Chairperson, BS Electronics Engineering
Engr. Lynnevel AmparoProgram Chairperson, BS Industrial Engineering
Engr. Ronnel NombrefiaProgram Chairperson, BS Mechanical Engineering

Curricular Programs

•  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

•  Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

•  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

•  Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

•  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

•  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Student Activities

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