Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University



  1. Produce responsive, functional, values-oriented and globally competitive educators by providing deep and principled understanding of the teaching-learning process.
  2. Mold analytical and critical thinking educators through experience with varied innovative teaching-learning approaches.
  3. Develop future educators appreciative of cultural and aesthetic values through meaningful experiential learning.


  1. Generate and promote pertinent research endeavors to enhance teaching and learning practices.
  2. Initiate investigations to help intensify innovative programs and projects for alternative learning system for community development.
  3. Conduct studies documenting the community’s socio-political and cultural practices to enrich cultural heritage.


  1. Incorporate immersion activities and extension endeavors with curricular and instructional programs to intensify community-development agenda.
  2. Offer relevant continuing education programs to enhance and develop teaching and learning practices for target groups clientele.
  3. Facilitate livelihood programs through non-formal education for economic stability.


  1. Produce books, manuals, monographs and similar instructional materials to enrich and develop curricular teaching-learning schemes.
  2. Create technology-transfer materials to intensify networking of community development programs.

College Officials

Vanessa C. Zubieta, PhD

Dean, College of Teacher Education

Jake Arman A. PrincipeProgram Chairperson, Bachelor of Secondary Education
Maria Lavinia E. FetalinoProgram Chairperson, Bachelor of Elementary Education
Ricaryl Catherine Cruz, EdDProgram Chairperson, Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education
Abigail Ann D. AbrahamFaculty In-Charge, Bachelor of Culture & Arts Education
Felix L. BentayenProgram Chairperson, Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences
Federico A. CeriboHead, Institute of Human Kinetics
Rizalde A. SalayoOIC-Principal, Laboratory High School

Curricular Programs

 Bachelor of Elementary Education

 Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education

 Bachelor of Secondary Education

• Major in English

• Major in Filipino

• Major in Mathematics

• Major in Sciences

• Major in Social Studies

Bachelor of Technical Livelihood Education

• Major in Home Economics

• Major in Information and Communication Technology

• Major in Industrial Arts

Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science

Student Activities


Quiz Bee Dance Competition

Christmas Lighting Ceremony

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