Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University


Southern Luzon State University as an academic hub of excellent curricular programs, transdisciplinary researches, and responsive extension services that contributes to knowledge production, social development, and economic advancement of Quezon Province and the CALABARZON Region.


The University is committed to develop a sustained culture of delivering quality services and undertaking continuous interdisciplinary innovations in instructions, research and extension in the fields of agriculture, science, engineering, technology, allied health and medicine, human security, business and the arts anchored to the development needs of Quezon province and the CALABARZON region and national and global development goals.

Goals and Objectives
  1. Develop qualified students to be effective instruments of inquiry and research with a sense of responsibility and commitment for the improvement of human condition-physical, mental and spiritual domains.
  2. Stimulate and maintain functional and productive activities in various disciplines.
  3. Acquire skills and leadership competence in various disciplines in order to accelerate community progress as trained professional in government and non-government agencies.
  4. Adapt skills and internalize intellectual integrity, moral, cultural, and aesthetic values exemplifying ethical norms and professionalism.

College Officials

Mari Jane A. Lee, PhD

Dean, College of Graduate School

Doracie B. Zoleta Nantes, PhDUniversity President / Professorial Lecturer
Joanna Paula E. Verano, DBAProgram Chairperson, Master & Doctor of Business Administration
Amalia E. Almazol, PhDProgram Chairperson, Master in Forestry
Zaldy O. Luna, PhDProgram Chairperson, MS Environmental Science
Maria Luisa BarrettoProgram Chairperson, MA Nursing
Aprilette C. Devanadera, PhDProgram Chairperson, MA Applied Linguistics
Fides Joyce O. LlegadoProgram Chairperson, MA Psychology
Luis Miguel P. Saludez, PhDProgram Chairperson, PhD & MA in Education

Curricular Programs

  • • Doctor of Business Administration
  • • Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education
  • • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
  • • Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education
  • • Master of Business Administration
  • • Master of Science in Environmental Science
  • • Master in Forestry
  • • Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Medical Surgical Nursing
  • • Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Psychiatric Nursing
  • • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
  • • Master of Arts in Psychology major in Clinical Psychology
  • • Master of Arts in Educational Management
  • • Master of Arts in Education with Specialization in Elementary Education
  • • Master of Arts in Mathematics Education
  • • Master of Arts in Science Education
  • • Master of Arts in Teaching English

College Activities

Towards Learning-Centered Pedagogy in Education 5.0: Re-humanizing Education Amidst Technology Acceleration

Towards Learning-Centered Pedagogy in Education 5.0: Re-humanizing Education Amidst Technology Acceleration

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