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Empowering Business Students of CABHA through mentoring session, wraps up

SLSU – Office of International and Alumni Affairs (OIAA) in coordination with Catalyste+, Canada, Gender and Development Office (GAD) and College of Administration, Business, Hospitality and Accountancy (CABHA) replicated last year’s mentoring session, with Catalyste+, Canada Program on Accelerating Women Empowerment, for the Third Year Business Students. The mentoring program “Accelerating Women Empowerment of Busines Students, Faculty, Staff, Business Counselors and Entrepreneurs through Mentoring – Part 3” was facilitated by the OIAA Director Dr. Joanna Paula E. Verano, staff Mr. Dexter C. Diamante and Ms. Kaye Xandra D. Racelis, and with student assistants Ms. Alyssa Erika Terciano and Ms. Mari Ysobelle Manzanilla.

With the implementation of the hybrid set-up, the first day of mentoring program kicks off on September 14, 2023 via Zoom and Facebook live. Dr. Chona V. Cayabat - Dean of CABHA formally opened the event with a warm welcome remark, followed by an inspirational message shared by Dr. Leomar C. Miano – Head, Gender and Development. OIAA Director Dr. Joanna Paula E. Verano presented the objectives of the mentoring program and introduced the faculty of CABHA, followed by the introduction of the Catayste+ Advisor – Mr. Gerry O’Connor.

On September 21, 2023, SLSU warmly welcomed the Catalyste+ Advisor Mr. O’Connor with the delegates from Catalyste+, Canada – Mr. Matt Navalta (Country Representative) and Mr. Erwin Altamarino (Project Officer). The in-person mentoring sessions were held from September 25 to September 28, 2023, in which the students actively participated and shared their insights of the topics presented by the advisor.

A culminating activity was also facilitated on September 28, 2023 to wrap up the mentoring sessions, hosted by OIAA Director assisted by OIAA staff and student assistants in coordination with MIS-ICT headed by Dr. Reynaldo Danganan, and staff Ms. Ana May Leobrera, Mr. Gil Joseph O. Obdianela, Mr. Kirt Ronaldo Cada, Mr. Milton Gaelo and PPF staff Mr. Bert Baer. A certificate of participation was presented to the faculty and students of CABHA, and a certificate of appreciation was given to Mr. O’Connor in recognition for his meritorious role in sharing his knowledge and expertise. It was then followed by a mentoring session with CABHA faculty held at GS Ideation Room in which Sir O’Connor shared the business education landscape of Canada.

The series of mentoring sessions had been a great opportunity to instill learnings and uplift entrepreneurial spirit among the students and faculty.

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