Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University

SLSU Alabat


The Center of Technology for Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Coastal Resource Management in the Province of Quezon which supports its communities towards sustainable utilization, conservation, and protection of the environment.


Committed to produce technological applications that will complement the academic programs (agriculture, fisheries, and technology) and projects of the campus (mangrove crab hatchery and agro-aqua-tourism) that will alleviate the economic conditions of the communities in the island.

  1. Produce quality graduates in BS Education, BS Fisheries, and BS Industrial Technology major in Computer, Electronics, and Electrical Technology.
  2. Develop an ideal Aquaculture and Coastal Resource Management Research and Training Center.
  3. Maintain a close linkage with the main campus and external linkages with NGO’s, NGA’s and LGU’s and other academic institutions for sharing of technical expertise and financial resources and for placement of graduates.

Campus Officials

Lyn V. Tapan

Campus Director

Manuel S. ValderamaProgram Chairperson, BS Industrial Technology
Jobert G. Lomboy, PhDProgram Chairperson, BS Fisheries and Aquatic Science

Courses We Offer

      • Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

        Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology

Major in Computer Technology

Campus Facilities

Basketball Court

Campus Activities

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