Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University

Southern Luzon State University and Tanggol Kalikasan Strengthen Partnership to Enhance Environmental Justice

In a significant stride towards environmental justice and sustainability, Southern Luzon State University (SLSU) and Tanggol Kalikasan (TK) strengthened their partnership through a ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing. The event took place during the SLSU's 17th University hood Celebration on March 14, 2024, at the SLSU Gymnasium in Lucban, Quezon.

The MOA signing was participated by Dr. Frederick T. Villa, the University President of SLSU, and Atty. Ma. Ronely Bisquera-Sheen, the Managing Director of Tanggol Kalikasan. Dr. Marissa C. Esperal, Vice President for Research, Extension, Production, Development, and Innovation of SLSU, alongside Ms. Doris Amandy, TK Project Officer, served as witnesses to the agreement.

The primary objective of the MOA is to fortify the collaboration between SLSU and TK, thereby ensuring the successful execution of the Environmental Justice Sector Reform Program Phase 3 (EJSRP 3). This program is backed by the US Department of State INL and USDOI-ITAP, signifying international support for the noble cause of environmental conservation and justice.

As one of the 28 Institutes of Environmental Governance Centers in the Philippines, SLSU is set to spearhead the implementation of EJSRP 3 across several municipalities in Quezon, particularly those bordering the Philippines Rise. These municipalities include Alabat, Burdeos, Infanta, General Nakar, Jomalig, Panukulan, Patnanungan, Perez, Polillo, Real, and Quezon.

The EJSRP 3 initiative encompasses a comprehensive approach toward environmental justice, focusing on capacity building and training for local government officials within the aforementioned municipalities. By equipping these officials with the necessary tools and knowledge, the program aims to empower local governance structures to address environmental challenges effectively.

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