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Unlocking the Potentials of SLSU Administrative Office Non-Teaching Staff through Mentoring

With the successful implementation of mentoring program with the graduate and undergraduate students of business administration and allied programs, the Office of International and Alumni Affairs in cooperation with Catalyste+, Canada had extended the program for the non-teaching personnel of Southern Luzon State University – Administrative Offices. The “Accelerating Women Empowerment of Business Students, Faculty, Staff and Business Counselors and Entrepreneurs through Mentoring – Part 3” was successfully executed in coordination with the Gender and Development Office, Human Resource Management Office – Faculty and Staff Development Program and Management Information System.

The mentoring session kicks off on October 24, 2023. OIAA Director Dr. Joanna Paula E. Verano facilitated the opening of the program by providing a background on the mentoring program, followed by a warm welcome remark from the Vice-President of Administrative and Financial Affairs Dr. Frederick T. Villa. OIC-President Dr. Nilo H. Dator gave an inspirational message and encouraged the non-teaching staff to actively participate in the mentoring sessions, highlighting the opportunity in preparing for the next generation of leaders in the organization. It was then followed by a formal introduction of the Catalyste+ Advisor Dr. John O’Dwyer.

Dr. O’Dwyer presented the “Getting it Done Management System”, specifically on the following tools: insights/impact, courage, effective decision-making, buy-in decisions, ownership grid, team action plan. The participants were grouped into four and were asked to participate in individual and team tasks as administered for the topic application. A total of 3 sessions were facilitated in which the participants appreciated and confirmed the usefulness of the GID tools.

On October 25, 2023, a culminating activity was facilitated. Representatives of each team shared a synthesis of learning which Dr. O’Dwyer appreciated. Certificate of Completion was awarded to the participants by SLSU-OIAA, Catalyste+ Advisor Dr. O’Dwyer and Chief Admin. Officer (CAO) Dr. Erwin D. Villaverde. CAO Dr. Villaverde delivered the closing remark, extending thanks to the international partner - Catalyste+, Canada and the Office of International and Alumni Affairs for conducting mentoring program to the non-teaching staff, providing a wonderful learning opportunity.

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